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Website Development

Hi! Thank you for your interest. I’m currently booked for the next few months so I won’t be taking on any new clients for web development projects. However, I can refer you to a couple of other awesome web dev professionals who may be available to take you on.

Book Design

Whether you’re an indie publisher or you have a company that publishes an occasional book or two (or a lot of books), I can design, format and layout your print and ebook materials and make them ready for Amazon Kindle or the printer. Book Cover (for print books and ebooks) When you’re an indie publisher (or author-publisher or self-published author), you’ll need to compete with books by big publishing houses with a lot bigger budgets than yours. Having a well-made cover that makes your book (and you!) look like a real author and professional is the first step. Because nothing screams “I’m an amateur” louder than a book cover with inexplicably complicated unreadable font and a badly-photoshopped photo of a lady superimposed on an image of an exploding volcano. I’ve designed well-received covers for self-help books, romance books, fantasy books, cook books, and corporate history books. Book Page Layout (print books) The inside pages of your print book should allow for a great reading experience. That means readable text properly formatted chapters, and well laid-out …

Free book design templates

I’m a huge supporter of indie authors (and writers in general!) so I thought I’d share some book design templates which anyone can use to format/layout their books for printing. There’s only three available at the moment — The Hannah, The Noli and Jane — but I’ll post more soon. Jane v.4 (Updated 7 November 2015) The Hannah 3.0 (Updated 2 February 2015) The Noli v.3 (Updated 8 November 2015) Please note that these templates will only have the basics, like the title page, half title, copyright page, etc. If you’d like templates that include other kinds of pages such as opening pages for chapters or parts, appendices, chronologies, and the like, OR if you’d like to hire me to make an exclusive layout for your book, please drop me a note letting me know what you need, and I’ll send you a quote. I also do book cover designs. If you’re an indie author and would like a lot more help in getting your books to print (or are just looking for a good …


My book covers! I design covers for different kinds of books. If you’re an indie author or publishing company that’s looking for book covers that don’t suck, drop me a note telling me what you need and I’ll email you a quote. (I also do book design and layout for novels, brochures, manuals and the like.) Others {REQUEST A QUOTE} {Back to top}